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Corrugated paper board is the most popular raw material for transport packages of a wide variety of products varying from fresh fruit and vegetables, consumer-packed manufactured products, household appliances and industrial machinery to semi-bulk transports of various commodities in large bins. It is equally suitable for all the different modes of transport, e.g. shipping by sea or by air. This versatility is largely due to the possibility of using different types of raw materials combinations and thereby adapting the quality to each particular requirement and distribution system in a tailor-made way.
What is corrugated? Everybody's seen it... just think of pizza boxes, or the big boxes that hold new refrigerators and televisions. Corrugated is built like a sandwich - characteristic arches of wavy "fluting" lying between two pieces of smooth board on the outside.
Corrugated fiberboard is a paper-based construction material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. It is widely used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes and shipping containers. The corrugated medium and linerboard are made of paperboard, a paper-like material usually over ten mils (0.010 inch, or 0.25 mm) thick. Paperboard and corrugated fiberboard are sometimes called cardboard by non-specialists; although cardboard might be any heavy paper-pulp based board.
Corrugated fiberboard can be specified by the construction (single face, single wall, double wall, etc), flute size, burst strength, edge crush strength, flat crush, basis weights of components (pounds per thousand square feet, grams per square meter, etc).
The choice of corrugated medium, flute size, combining adhesive, and linerboards can be varied to engineer a corrugated board with specific properties to match a wide variety of potential uses. Double-wall corrugated board is also produced for high stacking strength and puncture resistance.
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